Nandaimon(shop and information)

Tokudi is located center of Yamaguchi Pref.

It has full of green mountains and beautiful streams.

800 years ago the mountains gave lots of logs to rebuild for Todaiji Temple.

Bonze Syunjyoubou Tyogen is the leader of the project.

His memorial spots are remaining here still now.

Nandaimon's structure is imitated with South Gate of Todaiji, or Nandaimon.

opening time9:00`18:00

last day of the month 9:00`12:00
Closing day12/31`1/2
Phone EFAX (0835)52-1772
Address 747-0231



Potteries Section

The potteries are made with mud and water in Tokudi.Please enjoy delicate color and functional beauty.

Goods Section

They are all hand made, pretty and heart-warming. Have for your remembrances.

Craft objects Section

There are variety type of woodworks and bamboo works. They can use from daily necessities to ornaments. They all are created by traditional way.

Japanese paper made in Tokudi

Japanese paper was one of three important products on Mouri's policy(1600`1900).The dealers came to buy it from Osaka. Tokudi paper is made by this traditional way.

Special products Section

Agricultural products and procesed products in each season.Still more there are Japanese sweets people liked for long time or Western sweets had full of ideas.

Konnyaku(or Devil's tongue jelly)

Hand made. Paste made from the arum root and pure water.

Shiitake mushroom

Tokudi is one of top place of Siitake mushrooms.


Horseradish needs pure water. Here must be fit to grow them. We can get best one.

Tokudi miso,or soybean paste made in Tokudi

The soybean paste made of malted rice. This taste was created by stubborn man. He hadn't no room for compromise on the taste.


This is a kind of yam.The peculiarity is stickiness.We grow them in Tokudi for over 150 years. People eat them to build up theirs stamina.

Various pickles

Each pickle has essence of original vegetables. Check the producer name and find your favorite one.