”Ishiburo” Festival in Tokuji (2017/3/5)

Foreign Residences and their familly will be invited for this event.

We will provide transportation from Yamaguchi station to the event site.

What is Ishiburo?

It's a kind of sauna.

It began over 800 years ago to heal people working in the mountain.

At that time, many people worked hard to bring down lumber.

It continues to be used today. People go there to be healed or just to relax and enjoy.

How do you take Ishiburo?

You can wear ordinary clothes in the Ishiburo, but it’s better to wear long sleeves and a pair of long pants.

It is hot in the Ishiburo, so you should leave your glasses and cellphone, etc. outside.

A towel would also be useful.

Afterword, you can take shower and bath in TYC (National Yamaguchi Tokuji Youth Outdoor Learning Center).

If you would like to do so, you should prepare accordingly.

Foreign Residents and their family can join this event for free.

If you would like to eat, TYC has a buffet for \590/person.

Time table
09:20Yamaguch Station
10:00 arrivalto Ishiburo in Kishimi

    Experience Ishiburo
10:40 departure

    10:50 arrivalto Ishiburo in Ninomiya,Igachi

      Experience Ishiburo
    11:30 departure

      12:00 arrivalto TYC

        Lunch (bring it yourself or eat at the buffet)

        Experience Ishiburo

        Take bath

      15:00 departure

        15:40 arrival to IitokoTokuji

          Show and experience making rice cakes
        16:10 departurefrom IitokoTokuji
        16:50 arrivalto Yamaguchi Station

        If you like to join us, please send us E-mail(tokudi2005@yahoo.co.jp) with your information.

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        If you need more details, please ask us by E-mail (tokudi2005@yahoo.co.jp)

        We are looking forward to meeting you.