Tokuji,Yamaguchi city,Yamaguchi pref. Japan

Tokuji Guide



18th May 2014

We found a firefly in our vegetable garden.

He stayed on the rear potatofs leaf.

Tokuji is located in Yamaguchi city, Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan.

There is in most western in Honshu Island.

Yamaguchi prefecture is fronting on two seas.

The one is Japan Sea, other one is Seto Inland Sea.

Tokuji is located between them. And we have gentle mountains and rivers.

Whether is relatively mild. But Japan has 4 seasons. In winter, temperature reach -2, In summer , 32. Average temperature is about 14.

The annual precipitation in this area amounts to 400 millimeters.

The Scenery has full of greens. There are mountains, rivers, rice field, and houses with brown and black roof.